Thanks for coming!

There weren’t too many people who attended our return but we thank you anyway! We likewise weren’t able to get too many pictures but here’s all of them.

Our new sign on the left with the rules
Just before opening. Volunteers brought some of the goods on the tables in the back.
A lot of toys arrived
They were at the community centre to watch an indoor soccer game but got some free stuff while they were there.
Our volunteer Mekki trying out this exercise equipment . (He ended up taking it home.)

The date for the next market has not yet been decided but it will likely be in February or March. If you’d like to be added to our mailing list or have any questions or comments, please fill out the following form:

New rules

The next market will take place on Saturday, Nov 26th from 10 am to 3 pm. Due to a disturbing incident at the last market new rules will be implemented and existing ones will be more explicit. These rules are:

  1. Items brought must be clean and in working condition.
  2. No pushing, shoving, or otherwise competing over items. We remind you that this is a community event and the people taking part are your neighbours.
  3. No items will be accepted after 2 pm.
  4. Before 2 pm attendees may only take one item from each category, except for books and clothes (of which attendees can take as much as they want). After 2 pm attendees may take as much as they want.
  5. The North York Really Really Free Market is a completely volunteer-run event. We do not receive any funding for the market. As such, we reserve the right to ban, bar, or eject anyone from our event.

There will be a sign with these rules at the next market. If there are any questions, you may contact us at Let our volunteers know if you have any questions or problems during the market. All volunteers will be wearing “VOLUNTEER” name tags.

Some pictures from the May 21st market

Our regular room was unavailable so the market had to take place in the community centre’s hallway.20160521_09574020160521_11232420160521_112335

Several pairs of skates arrived.
Many brought their kids with them to the market.
This fashionable Syrian girl got a stylish pair of sunglasses..
An old camera


A bike cooler, perfect for picnics.
We hope he gets a lot of use out of these skates this winter.

Spreading the word

Do you want to help spread the word about the Really Really Free Market taking place on Saturday, March 19th? Sure you do, and here are some reasons why:

  1. You want the stuff you bring to the market to find a good home. This is more likely with more people at the market.
  2. You want to see a wide selection of things at the market. The more people that know about it the more people will come and the more stuff they will bring. (By the way, if you’re looking for anything in particular let us know and we’ll try to keep an eye out for this item for you.)
  3. You’re a nice person and like telling people about awesome community events where they can get stuff for free.

Our poster can help. You can post it at work or in your neighbourhood or anywhere else you think it will be seen. Thank you, and see you at the market!



What are you hoping to get at the market?

Five days until we open and we can’t stop thinking about all the cool stuff you guys are going to bring! There’s no way to know what will be at the market but we hope somebody brings some nice tarps or tablecloths. Why? So we can lay out all the nice things you guys bring! We’re borrowing some from the downtown Really Really Free Market but we’d like some of our own. So here’s hoping!

Wanted: Volunteers

The North York Really Really Free Market is a completely volunteer-run organization. None of us receive any money for this work, which is why volunteers are so important. There are two main types of volunteers, both of which are equally important: market day volunteers and organizing volunteers.

Market day volunteers are there to ensure the market runs smoothly by answering questions, receiving items and checking that they’re clean and in working condition, and setting up before the market opens and taking down the market after it ends. There are two shifts for the market: 9 am to 12 pm and 12 pm to 3 pm. From 9 to 10 am is the setting up of the market and from 2 to 3 pm is when the market is taken down. The setup and takedown could include carrying chairs and tables, arranging items for display, setting up and taking down signs, and doing some light cleaning. We do not have any storage facilities so any leftover items will need to be transported to donation sites. All volunteers are free to take items and this can be advantageous since market day volunteers will be present at the market longer and will see items as they come in.

Organizing volunteers work on behind-the-scenes activities such as managing this blog, the Facebook page, or Twitter account, answering emails, preparing graphics, putting up posters and distributing flyers, and reaching out to media outlets and other organizations. Volunteers can choose to be both market day and organizing volunteers.

If you’d like to volunteer for any of these roles, please send an email to