Join us on the 24th for the next market!


The next market will be on Saturday, June 24th, 10 am to 3pm, at the Driftwood Community Centre. Bring the items you don’t need and take as As per usual, we will stop accepting items at 2 pm. This time we will be sharing the gymnasium with the Repair Cafe Toronto. So if you have any broken household items, bring them to Driftwood and you can look for free stuff while you wait for a fixer to see you!

Please remember our rules:

  1. Items brought must be clean and in working condition.
  2. No pushing, shoving, or otherwise competing over items. We remind you that this is a community event and the people taking part are your neighbours.
  3. No items will be accepted after 2 pm.
  4. Before 2 pm attendees may only take one item from each category, except for books and clothes (of which attendees can take as much as they want). After 2 pm attendees may take as much as they want.
  5. The North York Really Really Free Market is a completely volunteer-run event. We do not receive any funding for the market. As such, we reserve the right to ban, bar, or eject anyone from our event.

See below for the Repair Cafe’s flyer. Note that their times are slightly different from ours.


The market is in one week

We will be at the same place as last time: Driftwood Community Centre, 4401 Jane St, from 10 am to 3 pm on Saturday January 30th. Please only bring items that are clean and in working condition and no big items unless you leave your contact information with a volunteer. All volunteers will have name tags that say ‘VOLUNTEER’. See you there!

Toronto will soon have a lending library for musical instruments

First Toronto had just the regular library, which fulfilled its traditional role of lending out books. (And does a fine job doing it too – per capita it’s the busiest library system in the US and Canada.) More recently, the Toronto Tool Library and the Toronto Seed Library were established almost at the some time. With some help from the Tool Library the Kitchen Library got its start. And now there will be a new lending library joining the list. The Globe and Mail reports that Toronto will soon have a library for musical instruments:

A Dec. 14 report to the board of the Toronto Public Library said only final negotiations are left before the launch of a two-year pilot program that will be located first at the Parkdale branch, aimed at adults and children alike.

It seems as if it will be based out of the well-trafficked Parkdale branch of the Toronto Public Library (and also the same neighbourhood where the first branch of the Toronto Tool Library was established). Perhaps in the future all the different libraries will be consolidated into the public library system? It’s certainly something to be hoped for.

The report is short on details such as the cost, ultimate location, terms of borrowing and so on but that will likely come out with the official announcement. For now, let’s all start doing finger exercises while looking for good instructional videos on YouTube.

The next market will be on January 30th!

We’ve just received the permit for the next North York Really Really Free Market for January 30th. The market will be open from 10 am to 3 pm. Last time we were supposed to close at 2 but the staff at Driftwood thought it was such a great event that they let us stay open longer. This time, though, it’s completely official so everyone can enjoy the market a little longer.

By the way, we still need people to help both before and on the day of the market. If you can help out, send an email to us at

See you in the new year!

Holiday gift swap at the Toronto Tool Library!

It’s likely that there will be no Really Really Free Market in December. However, those of you who want to give and receive with your community for the holidays can go to the basement of the Downsview Library on Saturday, December 12th. The Toronto Tool Library will be holding an Alternative Gift Fair at their Downsview Library branch. Bring 3 or more items that are in ‘giftable’ condition (new or lightly used) and you can exchange them for the same number of goods that others in the community have brought. Everything is accepted, even offers of services such as cooking lessons. Instead of buying more gifts this Christmas, you can share in what your community already has! The Tool Library will also have their 3D printer available so you can even make your own gift if you know how. The event runs from 10 am to 3pm.


Two days away and we just got some donated office supplies and teddy bears at Driftwood

Earlier today, two officers from 31 Division dropped off some office supplies and teddy bears at the Driftwood Community Centre. Thank you! However, next time please just drop off goods during the market day. Driftwood Community Centre does not have the capacity to store donations for us. (For that matter, neither do we.) At the end of the market day we will be transporting whatever hasn’t been taken to donation sites.

By the way, if anyone has a car, van or bike with a trailer and can help transport goods at the end of the day then please send us an email ( We volunteers have no vehicles of our own so we’ll have to transport leftovers by hand.