The Downsview Advocate wrote an article about us!


If you receive this free neighbourhood paper then you likely saw this article about us. Unfortunately, we can’t seem to find the article on the Downsview Advocate’s website (just these two pictures) but here’s some highlights:

If you happened to be hanging around the Driftwood Community Center on January 31st, you likely would have stumbled across what appeared to be an indoor Garage Sale. What was actually going on was the second North York Really Really Free Market. Downsview residents joined together at the community center with things that they didn’t need any more and left with a few things they did. In hosting or attending a Really Really Free Market, or RRFM for short, the Downsview community was became [sic] a part of what is now a global movement.

The whole idea of the Really Really Free Market is based on the idea of a gift economy, in other words, you don’t need to give to get anything. You show up with items that are no longer needed in the hopes that someone else does. Or you can show up, look around and see if there is anything you need. It is also common that people show up to offer services or skills provided for free. These can be things like sewing skills, bands who show up to play music, people giving out free massages or jokes. The point of the market is to encourage an anti-capitalist market system.

She goes on a bit about the upcoming March 19th market but gets the times slightly wrong. We will open at 10 am, not 9. Still a great article and we thank Ms. Leah Sullivan for writing it.

UPDATE: Yesterday (March 18), the Advocate uploaded the full article.


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