Toronto will soon have a lending library for musical instruments

First Toronto had just the regular library, which fulfilled its traditional role of lending out books. (And does a fine job doing it too – per capita it’s the busiest library system in the US and Canada.) More recently, the Toronto Tool Library and the Toronto Seed Library were established almost at the some time. With some help from the Tool Library the Kitchen Library got its start. And now there will be a new lending library joining the list. The Globe and Mail reports that Toronto will soon have a library for musical instruments:

A Dec. 14 report to the board of the Toronto Public Library said only final negotiations are left before the launch of a two-year pilot program that will be located first at the Parkdale branch, aimed at adults and children alike.

It seems as if it will be based out of the well-trafficked Parkdale branch of the Toronto Public Library (and also the same neighbourhood where the first branch of the Toronto Tool Library was established). Perhaps in the future all the different libraries will be consolidated into the public library system? It’s certainly something to be hoped for.

The report is short on details such as the cost, ultimate location, terms of borrowing and so on but that will likely come out with the official announcement. For now, let’s all start doing finger exercises while looking for good instructional videos on YouTube.

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