Car seats

carseatWe have mentioned before that the North York Really Really Free Market cannot accept large items. By ‘large’, we mean anything that would require a car or truck to take away. In addition to these, we also have difficulty accepting car seats and baby strollers. There are many regulations associated with these. For car seats, Health Canada’s Industry Guide to Second-hand products (including children’s products state (these refer to second-hand car seats for sale but also apply to those being given away):

  • A company may apply the National Safety Mark on a car seat or booster seat on condition that the product conforms to all the applicable Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.
  • The product must have stitched onto it, indelibly moulded into or onto it, or indelibly printed on a label affixed to it in a permanent manner, the following, in English and French:
    1. name and address of manufacturer, importer or retailer
    2. model name and number
    3. date of manufacture
    4. statements for weight and height range of user
    5. characteristics of vehicles in which the product is not to be used
    6. warning statements
    7. installation diagrams
  • The instructions, in English and French, for proper installation and use must be available at the time of sale.
  • All forward-facing car seats must have a tether strap.
  • All car seats must have a functional restraint system (harness system).
  • The product should be in good condition. For example, there should be no cracks in the plastic, missing hardware or loose parts.
  • Never sell a car seat or booster seat if it has been in a vehicle at the time of a collision.
  • Car seats should not be sold if they are past the lifespan recommended by the manufacturer.

The regulations governing car seats changed on Jan. 1st, 2012, which is why the date of manufacture is required. Legally, car seats made before that date can neither be sold nor given away. If your car seat can meet these requirements above then please feel free to bring it but we ask that you leave your contact information with a volunteer in case no one takes your item.

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